Billy Reid New Fall Arrivals

Since Billy Reid is my favorite designer, the New Fall Arrivals have got me quite excited.  The collection is outstanding, with some updates on the staples he always has, and a couple new pieces as well.  In my opinion, the shining stars are the some of the outerwear, the new moleskin trousers, and the always well-fitting, “John T” shirts.  I can’t wait to head over to his shop here in Nashville to check it out in person.  Also, a few pieces from his Levi’s collaboration have surfaced, and it’s all kinds of awesome (check out what Chris had to say about that collaboration).  To prevent rambling, feel free to look at some of the new Fall Collection for yourself…

Jackson Moleskin Trousers

A damn fine denim work shirt

John T

This is Billy’s strongest collection yet… and you can bet I think it’s perfect.


5 responses

  1. Boy I hear ya Jeremiah! While the outerwear is most definitely out of my price range until it goes on sale, I may pull together enough for those trousers…

  2. If you haven’t been there, head to his shop in Florence, Ala. He’s there all the time, you get great service and the city has a nice vibe to it as well. Drinking bourbon, trying on clothes, and bumping into the man himself isn’t a bad day.

  3. Cary– I have not been to his shop in Florence yet, but I’ve really been wanting to go. I actually haven’t been to Florence since I was 12. I should make some time… I mean, I have family in Huntsville, so it’s not like it’s totally out of the way. And it would be amazing to meet the man.

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