Shorts: The Long and Short of it…

Shorts weather is still very much here in America.  These are the days where wearing pants seems unbearable.  And while inseam length on shorts has been discussed before, a recent purchase has got me thinking about it again.  I’ve been on the lookout for a new pair of shorts, and I took advantage of Rugby’s awesomely, ridiculous sale going on now.  $35 later, I have the University Chino Shorts on their way to me.  I’m a shorter guy at 5’8″, with fairly short legs as well (about a 29″ inseam for pants), so I’ve always gone with 5″ inseam shorts.  They are on the shorter side, but like I said, I’m short.  Plus, playing hockey keeps your calves and thighs in fairly good shape.  But I realized I probably needed something longer for certain occasions.  Honestly, some looks just don’t seem right with shorter shorts.  I’m hoping the 9″ inseam on these new Rugby shorts will help… we’ll see.  But what about y’all?  Is inseam length as big of an issue with you as it is for me?

The “9-inchers” I just bought…

The “5-inchers” I normally go with…

What’s the perfect length for you?  Long or short?


9 responses

  1. i had been looking for shorts all this summer too. after considering/buying some jcrew and llbean shorts, i got the rugby shorts mentioned above in yellow, red and light blue. the price, fit, and colors are great. the thing that kills me about some shorts are the leg openings. why so large? they seem to have slim fit pants, no slim fit shorts!

  2. Eric- that’s actually a really good point… it seems like the leg opening of shorts seems to be ignored sometimes by companies. While I don’t want super slim shorts, I don’t want really baggy at the same time. It’s something to consider, that’s for sure.

  3. I’m 6’3 and go with a 9″ inseam and try to wear them close to my natural waist. I cleaned up at my local Martin and Osa when they were going out of business, got most their chino shorts for around $20 ea. Been thinking about trying a pair of the j.crew 7″ though…

    I agree that leg opening is also a tough factor to nail down. I have to size up one inch on j crew chino shorts and the difference in leg opening is pretty substantial compared to my M and O shorts.

    @eric, what’s the leg opening like on the Rugby shorts? I think i’ll go there next time i need shorts since M and O is no longer.

  4. I have the same dilemma. Prefer shorter, but have some 8″ for when they just won’t work. Also in agreement about the leg openings – would prefer them to be trimmer in just about every pair I’ve ever put on.

  5. My 31 in waist Rugby shorts have a 22 in leg opening circumference. I have a pair of Polo shorts that I’ve retired b/c the leg opening circumference is too big i.e. 26 in. 4 inches makes a big difference.

  6. Eric– thanks for that… It’s good to know because I’m that same size in the waist.

    Also you’re right, 4″ less makes a huge difference… That’s what she said. Sorry, couldn’t help that one!

  7. I’m 6’3″ and prefer a 7″ inseam. A longer pair may be more appropriate at times but they should not touch the knee.

    I long for the 80’s when shorts were truly short.

  8. Haha Ben, those were the good old days! The 9 inch inseam will come to just above my knee, so that won’t be too bad. It’s going to take some getting used to after being used to the 5 inch inseam.

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