Preparing for Fall: D.O.P. Style

Recently, I had a little beef with the website Prepidemic, but all of that has been forgotten and we’re BFFs again (yes… I just typed BFFs).  That being said, I really liked their Piece by Piece article from yesterday.  It’s a choice look, and you really can’t go wrong with it.  It’s also my inspiration for my post today.  Everyone has their “go-to uniform,” no matter what the season.  I feel like mine will look something like this:

J. Crew Ludlow Corduroy Jacket

Cordial Churchman Bow Tie

Gitman Oxford Cloth Button Down

J. Crew Belt

Rugby Chinos

Cole Haan Saddle Shoes

As always, just keep things classic and simple… everything will look perfect.


4 responses

  1. Awesome shoes, once again. The pop up says they’re the “Claremont Sport Saddle,” yeah? I’ll have to pick up a pair of those for the fall.

  2. straight hot. However, why not go with the real deal and put an engine turn buckle on the holiday list and get a straps of your choice over the jcrew one that isn’t as authentic.

  3. DAM– I would love a nice engine turn buckle… but I’m just working with what I’ve already got. Maybe I should add that to the wish list for my upcoming birthday???

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