Summer 2010: Coming to a close (soon)

While I’ve been bitching a moaning lately on how hot it’s been down here in Nashville, I realized just how awesome of a summer I’ve actually had.  I was able to do a small amount of travel, stood up in one of my best friend’s wedding, enjoyed nightly games of summer league hockey, and just generally had a good time.  The start of summer royally sucked with the flood, but things got exponentially better.  Work was also a little bit slower, so that was nice.  But I thought I’d share bits and pieces of my summer through shots by my iPhone (I don’t own a camera = Legit Blogger FAIL).  Also, please excuse the few Hipstamatic shots… it makes me feel like I’m a cool photographer, haha.


But we got it cleaned up…

Somewhere between the state line and Oxford…

Pool side

Disney’s Epcot on Bastille Day



Free / Man Interview

Summer Hockey (Hint: I’m the out of shape asshole to the left of the goalie)

STF’s Post Soak… That was a hot day.

I also rocked a pair of white jeans for the first time in my life this summer (branching out).

While it may not be a lot of pictures, it was a lot of fun.  I’m looking forward to fall.  But looking back on this summer as it starts to draw to a close, I realize it was perfect.


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  1. Thanks Danny! The fact that I work for a university reminds me that summer flies by all too quickly. Students should be on campus in a week or so… but I am ready for this heat to die down slightly.

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