Sueded, and Not Jaded

Suede can obviously be rocked all year, but it shines in the Fall.  Suede is often associated with the season, and for good reason… it’s awesome (just like Fall).  I for one am going to be wearing suede shoes at every opportunity.  I plan on buying a few new pairs soon to get me all set.  I can’t afford to go all out with it, but Leffot‘s definitely got me craving suede.  Just don’t get any of that drool on those shoes… commence the pictures of shoes I can’t afford, but would love to have for the upcoming season.

These are my favorite.

Awesome suede shoes can be found anywhere, not just Leffot.  I know I can’t afford most of their stuff (unfortunately).  But jump in those suede shoes with jeans, cords, chinos, or even a suit.  Any way you go about it, you’ll be lookin’ perfect.


5 responses

  1. Those chocolate suede cap toe double monks are my favorite too. They’re perfect.

    I have a pair of Aldens unlined suede chukkas in that same chocolate suede. Leffot sells them too and they’re way more reasonable than EGs.

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