Polo Ralph Lauren: New Fall Arrivals

Fall is almost here, hence the heavy play it’s been getting ’round these parts.  Obviously, a classic American brand such as Polo can’t be left out!  Ralph Lauren has definitely put together a strong collection for fall.  Nothing too wild… it definitely sticks to its roots by staying classic and American.  With a strong use of the fall colors, such as navy, maroon, orange, green, and brown, it’ll have you set.  And a side note that I’m sure will rub some denim-heads the wrong way (but Lawrence will certainly like it), washed denim rears its face many times, showing that it can, in fact, transition from S/S to Fall… check it out for yourself.

Feeling this Quilted Vest…

Washed denim

Polo knows what they’re doing… which is why most of their New Arrivals are perfect.


2 responses

  1. When did a classic like washed denim become a big trend again? I never thought it went out except for during that phase of only selvedged edge/original wash being the only acceptible color?

    I’m sure you just as familiar with it as I am, but washed as always been the mainstay of Southern men’s jean wardrobe.

  2. I agree with you… But with raw selvedge denim being the end all, be all of jeans around the blogosphere, I think it’s almost kind of refreshing to see a classic like washed denim getting a little more attention.

    As far as a mainstay in a Southern man’s jeans wardrobe, you are correct! I usually keep 2 pairs of jeans in rotation: a pair of dark selvedge, and a pair of lighter washed… and both get worn a lot.

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