You know you’ve made it when…

You know you’ve made it when they name a shoe after you.  Ok, so it’s technically not named after ME; but with the release of the Cole Haan Paul Chukka boot, you can bet your ass I’m going to pretend.  With an almost identical shape as the Cole, Rood & Haan Jack, the styling is right where it should be.  While I’d still like a crepe sole on it a little better, the shoe is still right on point for fall.  It’s made with a stitch out construction; and it comes in two suede colorways (Grey-which looks kind of green to me; and “Mustard”) and brown leather.  I’m more in to the suede versions myself, but that leather option is still available for all who want to go that route.

“Grey Suede”

“Mustard Suede”

“Brown Leather”

I’ll be picking up the Grey Suede number first.  We’ll see where I go from there, because having a shoe named after you is pretty much perfect.


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