Sale at F.M. Allen- Franklin, TN

I stopped by F.M. Allen in Historic Downtown Franklin, TN last night… wow.  Super sale, for real.  For anyone in the Nashville area, I advise stopping by ASAP.  The sale is going on from now until August 1st, I believe.  I picked up a polo shirt ($15), a maroon silk-knit tie ($19), a pair of brushed twill jeans in “Mineral Red” ($10!!!), and a hoof pick belt ($29).  I’m thinking of going back today and snagging a club collar Oxford cloth dress shirt for $45.  This is an amazing deal, seeing as these shirts are made with Thomas Mason Silverline fabrics.  I’m not sure if the New York location is having the same sale, but it’s worth checking out.  Also, if you don’t live in either area, give them a call, and have them ship it to you (615.472.8734, and ask for Seth; he helped me).  The jeans I’ll need to get tailored… but who cares, I spent $10 on them!  What should have cost around $485, cost me only $68 (after tax).  They have a lot in stock.  And most goods from F.M. Allen seem to fit pretty true to size, so at these prices, order blindly.

Photos courtesy of The Velvet Trunk Photography

I’m a sucker for a good deal (who isn’t?)… and I’d say this deal was perfect!


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  1. Looks like I saw this post a few days too late. I just called them and their sale ended yesterday. Seth answered and sounded like he was still willing to help me out, but they were sold out of the hoof pick belts. Congratulations on your haul, though.

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