In Favor Of: Jack Donnelly Shorts

Recently, a new brand came to my attention, and in my eyes, it’s nothing but great!  Based out of the Atlanta, GA area, Jack Donnelly Khakis strives to sell high quality, American-made chinos and shorts at a reasonable price.  All materials are sourced right here in the US, and the khakis are made down here in the South.  More specifically, I really like the Dalton Shorts.  The seem to have the perfect length inseam at 7.5 inches.  Made in 8.5 oz combed cotton twill, the shorts are very sturdy.  They also give the waist some extra padding to ensure better fit and comfort.  A nice little bonus is that Jack Donnelly Khakis offers free shipping, as well…

As much as Fall has been getting play around here lately, it’s still quite hot outside, and very much “shorts weather.”  Check these out, they’re perfect.


8 responses

  1. I jumped on board early with JD’s. Found the brand through a friend. I agree with your review and would def buy another pair. The construction is just better than other pants/shorts I’ve bought in the past.

  2. These are the best pair of shorts I have found around. Heard about the company through a friend of mine and now Im hooked. It’s hard to find a pair of shorts of this quality these days. Looking forward to the fall so I can buy a pair of the pants for football season.

  3. I heard about these guys a few weeks ago through a TCU Football Blog. I ordered a pair of shorts and pants and must say that they are probably the best combination of comfort/style on the market right now.

  4. Customer testimonies at their finest… I also love the fact that college football has been mentioned twice (Rusty, I’m assuming that you meant college football). NFL ain’t got nothin’ on the ball played down here in the South.

  5. College Football for sure. The season will be kicking off in no time, and you can bet I will be rocking my JD’s with my school colors.

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