L.L. Bean Signature Black Bean Boot

Just in case some of you folks hadn’t heard: Today only, the Black Bean Boot from L.L. Bean Signature, due out later this fall, is available for purchase as a “pre-launch” item.  So whether you are a Bean Boot junkie (like this guy), or you are new to the Bean Boot scene, these should definitely be considered.  Don’t forget to size down, as these boots run large…

If this doesn’t get you geared up for fall, I don’t know what will… they’re perfect.


6 responses

  1. My favorite is the Bison Bean boot… that’s what I have. But I sure as heck wouldn’t mind having these black ones too! I think I like these better than the waxed canvas boots LL Bean Sig makes.

  2. Wrecked Stellar– They are actually black Chromexcel leather up top, and the normal brown rubber on the bottom. Best of both worlds!

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