J. Crew New Arrivals = First signs of fall

J. Crew has just added some New Arrivals to their website, and all signs point to fall.  Forget this oppressive July heat. Start thinking about cooler weather, leaves changing colors, football… well you get the idea.  J. Crew’s newest additions feature new flannel shirts, cords, and tweed.  Also, more collaborated products are available, such as, The Hill-Side ties and pocket squares, Sperry Top-Sider, Belstaff, Alden, Russell Moccasin, and even a certain book everyone has been talking about.  Head over and see what’s new… it’s got me excited for fall.

Fall is the perfect season in my eyes, and J. Crew has me craving it.


4 responses

  1. on the way to work this morning, in the shade, and this intense breeze kicked up. had a total Proust moment b/c it was *just* cool enough to register as early fall. got me craving flannels, wools and leathers. also cider. heavily spiced cider with a kick of bourbon.

    this shit ain’t helping. down with summer! bring on the fall!

  2. Ha, I’m insanely jealous of the cool breeze you experienced this morning… I haven’t felt anything like that down here since March I think. I think we’ll all be happier once fall rolls around!

  3. Interesting that JCrew is selling Take Ivy as it seems so much about what they are peddling these days for guys is so far from the pages of Take Ivy.

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