Vacation’d: Warm Weather, Unhealthy Food, and my first Sid Mashburn Visit

Finally a new post!  Again, sorry for the lack of updates last week as I was on vacation.  I seriously had full intentions of still writing most days, but when the time came, I just kept on relaxin’.  But I’m diving in first thing this morning to update this neck of the woods…

First off, the vacation was awesome.  I sweated it out in the heat and humidity, laid by the pool, ate and drank to my limit, and then repeated the process more than once.  I also did a little shopping, picked up a few new things.  The highlight of the shopping (you already know if you follow me on Twitter) was my visit to Sid Mashburn.  I probably stayed there for around an hour, and then also checked out the new digs, Ann Mashburn, next door.  I will say this: everything good you have ever heard about Sid Mashburn’s shop is true.  I worked with Matt during my visit, the outcome being the purchase of some white Levi’s 501s.  This is my first pair of white jeans, and you can bet I’m going to wear them quite a bit after a little trip to the tailor (gotta get them slimmed down a bit in the legs).  But it was definitely one of the top shopping experiences I have ever been through.  In addition to my new white jeans, I also snagged some reds from J. Crew for a grand total of $13 and a pair of $228 boots I recently wrote about for a whopping $28.50 (Cole Haan Outlet FTW).  Top it off with a new ball cap, and I was pretty pleased with the few items I came home with…

New jeans

These are more “Nantuck-ity Red” than what is depicted…

Anyways, it was a perfect trip, but I’m glad to be home.


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