Levi’s Sale: Today Only

Just a quick post… For today only on Levis.com, one item at 40% off is available to all customers.  It looks like that means anything and everything can be had at 40% off, as long as you can pick out just one item.  With a lot already on sale, this means one can find a pretty sweet deal on a new pair of jeans.  I ordered myself a pair of 501s for a grand total of $28 (this includes shipping and tax).  I’m planning a little project for these jeans, so I’m excited for this purchase.  Use this code to get an addtional 15% off: FB040110.  That’s right, that will equal 55% off for all you math majors out there.  But don’t forget, this is for TODAY ONLY!

Sounds like a perfect bargain to me!


5 responses

  1. Saw this randomly before I went to bed last night…decided to wait till this afternoon…glad I did, now I’ve got an extra 15%…killer, thanks Paul.

  2. Unfortunately the 40% off doesn’t apply to sale merchandise. I was going to order the Premium Resin Rinse 501s and was hoping to get 55% off the current price, which is already down to 49 bucks from 98 or thereabouts. I’ll probably still pick them up as beginner selvedge pair (never owned them before) but it would have been nice to get them for 20 bucks. Either way, thanks for the heads up.

  3. Dave- good catch on that… that’s still a good deal though! Try and add that 15% off code at checkout, that’ll bring them down to $42!

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