Madras of the Day

Sorry about not posting anything yesterday.  While on vacation this week, I will try my best to post here and there.  But after sweating my ass off yesterday, I wish I had been wearing this shirt (or own this shirt for that matter).  So in keeping with Tucker’s and Red Clay Soul’s themes, this is my madras of the day: Brooks Brothers Short-Sleeve Slim Fit Madras Sport Shirt.  Not only is this a quality madras shirt with a better fit (than the Traditional Brooks fit), it’s also on sale for $24.75.  Done and done.

I don’t know about y’all, but this seems like a pretty decent deal to me.  Also, this shirt will probably look perfect as it ages.


4 responses

  1. Devoted “Dreams” Follower– Not to worry, a new post is coming soon… I thoroughly enjoyed my vacation! Thanks for asking and reading!

  2. Thanks Dave, you’re right… I don’t know how he slipped past my spam filter.

    Note to readers: Dave is referring to a comment that was deleted. I am pretty loose with moderating comments because I want people discussing things. But if it’s spam, it’s not going to fly. Nobody has time for that crap. Thanks for reading everyone!

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