Vacation Plans: Sid Mashburn

Well, this being a style blog, I guess it’s about time for the obligatory Sid Mashburn post.  But before I get to that, I must say I am quite excited to start my much needed week long vacation today after work.  There is a lot on the agenda for this vacation, all of which I am equally pumped over experiencing.  With that said, a visit to Sid Mashburn’s shop will hopefully be a fun time as a part of my vacation plans.  Unfortunately, because it was a fairly impromptu decision to stop by, I won’t be purchasing a pair of his amazing double monks, or even the fine shirting he offers… just didn’t budget for such purchases.  I’ll just be happy to see what his store is like, maybe pick up a new watch strap (like Red Clay Soul on his visit).  But I’m definitely looking forward to it.

Photo courtesy of Modern Luxury.

Should be a perfect addition to the vacation itinerary.  What else should I be on the lookout for upon my visit to Sid Mashburn?


7 responses

  1. Clay– I’ll have to look out for that… I’m always up for a good meal!

    Gretchen– I’ve actually already registered with Taigan to view his shop… I’m very excited his products are now available to us folk outside of Atlanta!

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