L.L. Bean Handsewn Ranger Mocs

So after arriving at the  office this morning, I promptly started to work.  And by “work,” I mean I answered one email, and then starting cruising around the internet.  That cruising led me to check out what was new on L.L. Bean’s website.  Many people have gushed over L.L. Bean and L.L. Bean Signature, and rightly so.  The company has offered quality goods for around a century… I’d say that qualifies as “dependable.”  So I don’t think it’s going out on a limb to say these new shoes are pretty solid.  The new Ranger Mocs from the parent brand are very similar to what L.L. Bean Signature released in March, and there’s nothing wrong with that.  The noticeable difference is in the colorways of the shoes.  The leather Ranger Moc is called “Dark Brown,” but it’s definitely lighter than the Signature version.  The suede Ranger Mocs are pretty awesome, coming in Adobe Red, Tan, and the very good looking Loden…

The Loden Suede version is my favorite, hands down.  Those will be perfect for fall.


4 responses

  1. Also didn’t know these existed. I have the Sig. Ranger Mocs and love them. These look like a more refined version of the sigs., good find.

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