Moments of regret: The J. Crew Fireman’s Jacket

I’ve had a moment of regret recently, and while not very important, it still gnaws at me like a flea on a dog.  What do I regret?  I regret not purchasing the J. Crew Fireman’s Jacket from this past spring.  A few months ago, I thought to myself, “Surely, this will go on sale in a month or two, just as everything else from J. Crew does.”  Well bad luck for me, because the damned thing sold out (online) in around that time.  I am very disappointed I hesitated on buying this piece of outerwear, because I really think I could have gotten some serious use out it.  While the Woodland Jacket is due out soon with their fall collection, I think the Fireman’s jacket is less “Barbour-esque/Fall Weather looking;” therefore, it would allow me to wear it fall through spring with no problems (it doesn’t get terribly cold here in Tennessee, usually).  It’s a pretty unique piece with the metal clasps serving as the jacket fasteners.  It’s also fairly functional, constructed out of waxed cotton with a corduroy collar… good looking jacket, indeed.

I’m thinking I’ll work with the J. Crew here in Nashville to track this down… damn near perfect jacket.  Did any of y’all buy on for yourself?


3 responses

  1. I hear you on the firemen’s jacket. A couple of weeks ago it popped back up on the sale page and I had it in my cart checking out and while I was about to hit submit order it came back as sold out. I was devastated. Apparently there was only 1 medium left. The worst part is, there was an additional 30% off making it under $150 if I’m remembering correctly. All was not lost though, I hit up the store that evening and found a faded black utility jacket for $41.99. That helped dampen the pain. Slightly.

  2. Warren– I must have missed that day that it was on the sale page! I would wear a small though, anyways. Oh well, better luck next time for the both of us!

  3. i’m actually selling one on ebay right now in a M. i’m always between sizes at jcrew and this one didn’t quite fit how i liked it. email if interested.

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