J. Crew x Imogene + Willie

Big News:  J. Crew is going to collaborate with Nashville’s own Imogene + Willie!  Two styles of denim for men will be produced, as well as two bags.  This is on the heels of J. Crew’s most recent denim collaboration with Warehouse Denim.  It’s all very exciting, even more so for denim fanatics.  I’m sorry to not have more information.  I’ll be honest, I’m not going to pay the subscription fee for WWD.com.  If anyone has more information, and would like to share, feel free to comment.  Everyone, especially me, will be greatly appreciative!

This is going to be perfect!

UPDATE: From the Imogene + Willie blog

J. Crew will carry a slim straight-leg model, which is “based on a jean from the Forties,” he said, in either a dark rinse with mild abrasion for $375 or a light wash with more abrasion for $425. There will be a slimmed-down version of a vintage U.S. Mail bag for $650 and a leather tote for $800. Hangtags have been printed from old letter presses, and the sizes will be individually hand-stamped, according to Matt Eddmenson. There will also be a vintage T-shirt and sweatshirt for women.

According to their blog, Matt and Carrie Eddmenson reached out to J. Crew, and Mickey Drexler very quickly jumped on board.  Feel free to visit their blog and get the whole low down.  Like I said, this is just very exciting.  I love seeing good things happen to great people.


4 responses

  1. Here’s a question for you: when you buy your denim, do you go down a size so that they stretch out? Do you like your denim tight or relaxed?

    Historically, I’ve gone down a size so by the time I’ve worn them out a bit they are just so, but recently when to my “true” size when buying the denim.


  2. DAM-
    I do often size down with selvedge denim, and work for it to stretch out a bit. Even with Imogene + Willie here in town, the selvedge denim game in Nashville is pretty much slim pickings. It’s not sold in as many stores here. So I do research online, check out size charts, try and find reviews. It’s always best to seek out help when looking at purchasing selvedge denim.

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