Feeling a bit out of season…

Summer just started, but damn, it’s been hot for awhile.  I for one have been longing for fall lately… I know, I’m getting way ahead of myself.  I’m sure in a couple weeks when I go on vacation, I’ll be loving summer again.  But fall is definitely my favorite season, and I’ve just been craving it lately.  There’s nothing like putting on my perfectly broken-in bison leather Bean Boots, or the warming effects of sip of good bourbon on cool evening, or football on a Saturday (college football, obviously).  So let this be my homage to autumn… totally out of season.

I’m just trying to tide myself over until the perfect season arrives (perfect in my opinion).  Until then, I’ll carry on through the heat.


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  1. I’ve been meaning to pick up either a pair of Mountain Khakis or the new Tobacco 501 STFs for the fall… Frankly I couldn’t be more tired of 90+ degree days, and its only June…

  2. Would those be your Bean Boot recommendation? I was going to go with the 8″ pair as they seemed a bit more versatile/suited to being worn every day when it’s shitty out. But those are really nice looking.

    Also, I totally second fall as the best season. And I can say this as a Michigan football fan even after the past 2 seasons.

    Unrelatedly, I picked up a pair of those Colton Wing Oxfords in British Tan. Tried on a pair of 10s at the mall near me and they were a bit narrow, so I ordered a pair of 10.5s from some Cole Haan in Texas and crossing my fingers that they’re a bit more roomy.

  3. I have the 10″ Signature boots and can’t recommend them highly enough for a fairly warm climate. If they were shorter I’d be disappointed, taller and I’d be uncomfortable.

    I also like the hunting shoe over the bean boot, if for no other reason than the label on the back is as classic as possible.

  4. The Signature boots are awesome! And functional…

    Bean Signature Boots Stay Dry

    Bourbon, Scotch, Rye – it’s all good. The trick is making them work for you in the summer time. Found some good summer bourbon cocktails that will make you rethink wanting Fall to come too soon.

  5. Benjamin- The Beaufort is actually a longer jacket, the sleeves are full length…

    Dave H- I love the bison leather Bean Boots. To me, the 10″ Bean Boot is the way to go (but it’s all a matter of personal preference). The bison skin on those boots is super soft, therefore really comfortable. They aren’t waterproof though (but you can always do that yourself, BearGuard is a great waterproofer). Glad to hear you found some Colton’s in your size, you’ll love them.

    Greg- Couldn’t agree with you more!

  6. Sam- Haha don’t you worry about me, I drink bourbon year round. It is true that a Summer Bourbon cocktail can be quite refreshing in this heat. And those Sig. Bean Boots look awesome!

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