Prep FAIL: Proclamation of an Angry Southerner

I’m slightly offended this morning.  Maybe I’m just being a little sensitive, and I wouldn’t dream of calling out someone’s inspiration for what they write, but in Prepidemic’s recent post about saddle shoes, something rubbed me wrong.  I can fully get behind the look they pulled together based on saddle shoes, but I still didn’t like part of their post.  The paragraph in question is as follows:

But resist the urge to look like a southern lawyer. The seersucker suit and saddle shoes thing is certainly a tradition we respect, but for most guys, it’s a little contrived, a bit old-mannish, perhaps a tad dated. The real trick to saddle shoes is not to put them in the context of an outfit with the influences of a rural prep, but to keep them hip by throwing them into the context of an outfit with the influences of a city prep. Those saddle shoes will look awesome when you prepily urbanize them.

The particular part that irked me is the notion that “rural prep” (as they put it) is inferior to “city prep” because of it being “old-mannish, perhaps a tad dated.”  I’m sorry, but I didn’t realize there were classifications of “prep” based on big cities and rural settings.  Also, I’d say that the “southern lawyer” look is as classic as it gets.  I am probably reading in to this a bit too much, but to me, this comes across as if to say that “our style is better than yours because yours is based on where you live, and we like where we live better.”  Can’t we all just get along?

So today, I am boycotting Prepidemic… I’ll be back after today, but for now, I just need a little time to cool off.  Maybe a little seersucker with saddle shoes will help with that:

To this “rural prep,” this Piece by Piece look is perfect.


14 responses

  1. I agree with everythign you said and more importantly appreciate you said it.

    I hadn’t seen their post until i saw yours, but get frustrated as well when tried and true southern classics gets mangled into the trendy out put of city/northern designers and then products, rig, gear we have worn for years is then considered inferior our out of vogue.

    Keepin’ it classic.


  2. BTW, you should post a comment/link to your blog on their post. Not to start a fight, just to start a conversation and see if they have a response.

  3. I think they were trying to tell city people; New York City people in particular to not overdo it. To rock the southern lawyer look here is a little ridiculous – the perp is clearly trying too hard. I don’t think it was meant to offend the southern gents. But that’s just my take on it. I could be completely wrong.

  4. Glad to hear my thoughts have a little support… To us (Southerners), a seersucker suit with saddle shoes is classic. It will always be around, and it’s not a trend.

  5. Sam, they very well could be, and that’s fine… I was just a little salty over the negative connotations and stereotype they threw at a spring and summer staple down here in the South. Even down here, wearing a seersucker suit and saddle shoes is the opposite of understated, just as it would be in the city. As long as it’s a hot day, no one is “trying too hard” when they rock a seersucker suit. It’s the smarter route to go, in my opinion. The saddle shoes will just help pull the whole look together. So what if one stands out?

  6. no beef with the look. there is no doubt it looks great down south, but for the majority of our viewership (which is primarily northeastern), it’s a little forced. no question, if i was hanging down south, i’d throw on my seersucker suit and saddle shoes.

  7. I guess folks just view things differently… and there is nothing wrong with that. Thanks for adding to the conversation. I really do enjoy what you do over at Prepidemic.

  8. It’s it important to note that the Saddle can be worn casually as well. It’s such a versatile shoe in my opinion. A staple in any gentleman’s wardrobe.

  9. Being born and bred in the South, I’ve been around the ‘rural’ version my entire life. I think that seersucker done well is fine, but when it leans towards ‘trendy’ (cut/’worn’/embroidered), it looks awful.

    Saddle shoes are another story – they have a place in everyone’s closet.

  10. JRS- Totally in agreement with you. A seersucker suit is still a suit, keep it looking it’s best, and it will do the same for the wearer.

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