Lost and Found: White Pants

Back in the day (and we’ll call that day “Winter 2008”), I snagged a pair of slim fitting white chinos on sale at J. Crew.  J. Crew’s pants fit me very well, and as I recall, I copped them for around $18.  They weren’t quite my size, but a bit of a hem job would do the trick.  Shortly after their purchase, they were lost.  And of course I didn’t realize they were missing until spring rolled around.  But luckily, this past weekend they were found.  Apparently, my closet decided to hide them amongst my sportcoats for a good year and a half.  I’m super pumped about this.  I was ready to buy a new pair, but really did not want to give up on trying to find them.  Tomorrow, they go to the tailor… when I get them back, this is how I’m going to rock them:

Just. Killing. It.  Tell me that’s not perfect… you just can’t.


7 responses

  1. Not at all, you can’t beat them for some serious summer style. I can’t get in to white jeans for myself, so it’s white chinos all the way for me.

  2. I fear we may someday run into each other wearing the same clothes. I wore an identical match minus the shoes, I wore white purcells, the other day to a local festival. Luckily I’m in Kansas city, so we may avoid an awkward situation.

  3. Haha I don’t usually come out towards Kansas City, Warren, so I think we’ll be ok… but if I do, then we’ll be freshest folks in town.

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