Clubmaster/Caravan Face-Off

I’ve worn the same Ray-Ban Wayfarers (2113) for the past five years.  They are the only sunglasses I wear, so I’m starting to want to mix things up a bit.  Ray-Ban makes my favorite glasses, so I’m sticking with them.  But I don’t know what to get next.  Both the Clubmaster style and the Caravan style seem to look good on my face, and match up well with the shape of my head.  Not to mention, both are CLASSIC.  So if it were you, what would you choose?


What say you?  Which pair of shades do you think are perfect?


8 responses

  1. I’m a fan of the Caravans. Really like the squared-off aviator style. I imagine at any occasion at any time at any age they’d look great, regardless of current trends.

  2. Caravan. Hands down. I am a supporter of Ray Bans and I second ^thisfits point about the timelessness of them. Plus, I see too many hipster kids rocking out in clubmasters these days…

  3. Ok, so with gchat, Twitter, and these comments, the Caravans are leading 4-1… And you’re right Darian, hipsters are all about some Clubmasters. Can’t wait for that trend to die.

  4. Caravan. Their classic and less inclined to look costumey/of the moment. Their a great alternative for folks who can’t wear Aviators.

  5. Get the aviators,timeless and perfect.
    And in my opinion contrary to a previous opinion I think the caravans are completely “costumey” looking and a bit cliche.
    How can something thats been around so long as aviator style glasses look of the moment.

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