Tonight’s Kit

Here in my office, those who travel quite extensively for work are offered the opportunity to take half days on Fridays during the summer.  I am not one of those people.  So most Friday afternoons become very boring as there are only a few of us left.  So I’ve spent the past few hours thinking about the upcoming weekend, and also what I’ll wear tonight when going out.  This is what I’ve come up with… nothing special:

Blue OCBD, Dark Jeans, Brown Belt and Loafers, Bourbon.  All of the essentials… Perfect for whatever I get in to tonight.  What are y’all going to do, and what’s in your kit?

Update: So after doing this post, I changed my mind.  This is what I ended up going with:

Everything was the same, except for the shirt (Billy Reid plaid seersucker).


3 responses

  1. Same, just camp mocs instead of penny loafers.

    Or: oxford in one of many colors, cotton duck pants, camp mocs.

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