Fratty Footwear

People’s views on what is “fratty or not” is different depending on where one lives, I think.  Some people detest guys in fraternities.  Some people also think of “fratty” as a dude in a backwards hat, t-shirt, baggy cargo shorts, and flip-flops.  Down here, we call those people “yankees” or “people from California.”  To us, this is not fratty at all.  Southern frat-stars usually stick with more classic looks (although often times things get way too pleated with the pants).  OCBDs, Polos, khakis, shorts of normal length and minus extra pockets… and nice shoes.  These are the staples for shoes I used to rock, and mostly still do post grad:

Cole Haan Drivers

Tassel Loafers

New Balance 993


Chacos (great for the lake)

Rainbows (great for the pool)

Justin Roper Boots


I don’t rock the Chacos anymore because I really don’t go to lakes all that often now.  And the Rainbows are for pool use only.  But most of these shoes are classic.  Perfect for anyone really, even if you’re not a frat-star.


7 responses

  1. Good post – It’s funny how these choices have stood the test of time. Still in the mix: drivers, Sperrys, boots, New Balance, and Rainbows (and Chaco flips). Retired: Chacos. Adjusted: Wallabees – not with shorts anymore, Tassels – upgraded to shell cordovan.

  2. It cracks me up that I still rock most of these even 4 years out. Don’t know where you went to undergrad, but in Athens you could have built an entire store on Milledge selling just those shoes.

  3. Great post – I agree, views vary depending on the part of the country you live in. My top picks from your post would be the Sperrys and Cole Haan Drivers.

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