Crossing over for a Popover

So I’ve never really been in to popovers like some people, but I can appreciate them.  I just never thought they’d really look all that great on me.  But I’m really digging this particular one that A Treasury of… posted on: a deep indogo OCBD popover collaboration from Gitman Bros. and Monocle.  It’s definitely the one for me, I think.  Check it…

Looks good on him, could look good on me too.  Regardless, it was obviously the perfect way to help me crossover to the side of popovers.


2 responses

  1. I had a long sleeve plaid pop-over before I got this blue Monocle one, and I have to say, if you’re thinking about popping over – short sleeve does seem a safer bet. Long sleeve ones can sometimes almost border on Pirates from “The Princess Bride” territory.

    Thanks for leading me to your blog!

  2. Yeah man, I am a huge fan of that shirt… looks great! I think I like it better than all the plaid offerings I’ve seen. And yeah, the short sleeves seems the way to go to ease in to the whole popover scene! Thanks Will…

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