Weekend Wedding (Part II): What I wish I could wear…

To build off of this morning’s post, I thought I’d highlight what I wish could wear.  Courtesy of Uncrate’s Garb, and with the help Mr. Billy Reid himself, the perfect wedding look is pulled together (in my opinion).  This is what I wish I could wear…

Billy Reid Linen & Cotton Nailhead Suit Jacket ($650). Billy Reid Linen & Cotton Nailhead Suit Trousers ($275). Billy Reid Button down Lilac Stripe Shirt ($165). Billy Reid Cordovan Wingtips ($375). Billy Reid Silk Knit Tie ($95). Black Leather Engraved Flask ($29). Woodford Reserve Bourbon ($30). Case Slimlock Walnut Pocket Knife ($210).

Seriously, I’d be killing it… if I owned this stuff, and actually was allowed to (damn rental tux).  Anyways, at least the bourbon consumed this weekend will still be perfect.


2 responses

  1. Right there with you Paul – I’m in a wedding this weekend as well and will be in a rental tux with silver tie and vest. Make of that what you want.

  2. Oh silver tie and vest? Ok you win the contest of “most regrettable rental tux tie/vest combo”… mine is just a black tie/vest. Hope you enjoy it nonetheless…

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