Wedding Weekend

This upcoming weekend is one I’m greatly looking forward to… not only is it Memorial Day weekend (kicking off summer, FTW), but one of my best friends from college is getting married.  I’m really looking forward to it.  As one of the groomsmen, I’ll be looking hot to trot in my rented tuxedo from Men’s Wearhouse (please know that I’m being as sarcastic as I possibly can through writing).  I’m not liking that I have to wear it, but per the bride, all the groomsmen will be matching.  But that’s ok, I’m not going to be too concerned with it.  Because, even though I can’t pick out what I wear to the wedding, I will have full discretion over what to wear to the rehearsal dinner.  I’m going to wear my newest suit (not that new, got it a year ago, but I look damn good in it)… and mostly keep it simple with everything else: neutral colored tie, and a crisp white shirt.  I’ll keep it fun with the pocket square and socks.

J. Crew Worsted Wool Ludlow Suit

Cotton Glen-Plaid Tie, J. Crew

Lands End Canvas Pocket Square

Green Striped Socks, J. Crew


I’m looking forward to it, definitely.  Should be a perfect weekend.


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  1. Sometimes it scares me how similar we think. I too am in a wedding coming up in July and have been making snarky comments about the ill-fitting rented tuxedo I have to wear while a perfectly tailored one sits dormant in my closet. I will never understand the “matching” requirement of a wedding party. AND to make it worse we aren’t even wearing a bow tie!

    I dig the suit though, I am on the verge of purchasing the Gray worsted Ludlow from J. Crew myself. Glad to hear that others wear a suit to a rehearsal dinner. The last two I have been to have looked like a Fourth of July picnic and I have definitely stood out

  2. Ryan-
    Glad I’m not alone in my thoughts on weddings and rented tuxes. Ours won’t be bow ties either. I’m just glad weird pastels aren’t getting thrown in the mix for the tie/vest combo. They will just be black.

    You should get that Ludlow worsted wool suit… mine is navy, and it looks so sharp.

    And yeah, wedding festivities = look your best. Period. Wear a suit. The bride will appreciate it, and even more importantly, maybe a few bridesmaids!

  3. Thank God for small favors on avoiding the pastel tie/vest combo! I have been able to successfully talk two of my friends into over-riding their brides on that front. And they have since thanked me for it numerous times after seeing their pictures.

    J.Crew has definitely stepped it up on their suiting game. I have a gray flannel ludlow for the winter and it looks and fit great right off the rack.

  4. I’ve got the gray flannel ludlow suit from j. Crew as well. Picked it up off their website for a ridiculous price during a 30% off sale promotion. It ended up being like $160 total! When I tried it on the first time the jacket fit like a glove and after a $12 alteration to the pant legs it was perfect. Really nicely done, you’re right, they’ve definitely stepped up their game.

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