Nigel Cabourn Mandalay Coat

One can never go wrong with a dependable rain jacket.  Trenches and macs are classic, but they’re not quite been my style.  Barbour is always the way to go, but that is evident in the amount of people that wear them (nothing wrong with that, but sometimes, you just want to stand out from the crowd).  Enter Nigel Cabourn’s Mandalay Coat.  It looks like an amazing raincoat, and with the World War II era militaristic look, it gives enough “bad-assery” (yeah, I just made that up) to make the wearer legit.  Made of a combination of waterproofed cotton and silk, it’ll get the job done.  It’s packable into it’s own pouch, so that’s great in itself.  I’m a bigger fan of the “khaki” color, but it’s also available in red.

This coat is perfect… perfect for telling the rain, “No thank you, I’m staying dry today.”


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