Tassel Loafers

Once again, I’m in the mood for some new shoes… I’d like to get a new pair of tassel loafers.  Tassel loafers are classic, and one just can’t go wrong with them.  They scream prep/trad/ivy (whatever the hell camp you want to belong to).  I’d love to drop about $400 on some Aldens, but that’s just not a good idea with my limited income.  But I can still dream… I’ll most likely end up with some Cole Haan Pinch Air Tassels.  The price point is right, and you can’t beat that Nike Air technology.  But I haven’t totally made up my mind, so these are the tassels I like:

Cole Haan


Allen Edmonds (price is getting a bit high with these…for me)

Alden (for the hell of it)

I love the “smack” the tassel makes as it slaps against the shoe while walking… it’s going to be perfect.


5 responses

  1. I’ve seen lots of Alden tassel loafers in pretty good condition on Ebay. That could be an option if you’re willing to pick up some kicks with a little character already worn in.

  2. Oh I’ve been on the lookout! As of right now, they only have 2 pairs of Aldens listed in my size, but neither have tassels. Patience is not a virtue of mine when I want to buy something. Haha!

  3. Patience friend, Patience. BOth my tassel calf and cordovan penny came from ebay and were the deals of a century.

    Know your size and what you want, then wait for it happen.

  4. Maybe I’ll just grab the first decent pair of Alden loafers I find on eBay in my size, tassels or not… I know nothing beats a good quality pair of shoes, and Alden is tops with that.

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