You know what I like about my watch?  It was free.  Now it’s not anything special.  It’s a Barbour watch… they’re known for outerwear, not watches, so it’s obviously not up there in quality with Omega, Hamilton, or even Timex.  But still, it’s unique because Barbour watches aren’t worn by everyone.  Slap a NATO strap on it, and it looks as good as anything else.  I actually get compliments on it ALL THE TIME.  And it’s served me well for two years now.  So I’m happy.  But what about y’all?  What do you wear on your wrist?

I’ll no doubt replace this with something better someday, but for the time being, it’s perfect.


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  1. Orient Classic

    Understated and elegant. I have it on the original metal band, but at some point it would look great after swapping in a NATO or leather strap.

    Orient Yellow Mako

    Again, on the original metal band, but would look AWESOME with this yellow stripe Maratac:


    An Invicta Speedway II that’s not getting much wrist time anymore

    …and for working out, a beat-up Casio digital I bought 14 years ago at a grocery store checkout for ~$13. 😀

  2. KFad- yeah I agree, why spend $150 at J. Crew when you can get something very similar for a fraction of the price. And yeah, this Navy/Green strap is my current favorite. Great for spring (or so I thought!)

  3. I really am digging what you are doing over here. I have a Tag I wear most days, but I dig my Timex Indigo I picked up to wear with all sorts of grosgrain bands. Does the job and seems classic enough not to be the male equivalent of costume jewelry.

  4. Thanks for kind words DAM… you really can’t go wrong with a classic Timex and a band with some color. I like how you put that though, costume jewelry. Definitely a look that should be avoided!

  5. classic, simple great looking watch. everyday with everything. I’ve been wearing a stainless steel Panerai Luminor Marina with a black face pretty much everyday since I got it a little over 5 years ago, I have a Tag Monza that I love but I always seem to pick up the Panerai when I’m walking out the door

  6. I’m rocking a very simple fossil I picked up a year or so ago. It’s got a slightly square face and no silly colors, just nice shiny silver. I like to switch up the strap depending on the weather. A man needs a watch, but doesn’t need to waste time with a fancy watch.

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