Air Colton Saddle – Red Brick Soles

So Cole Haan here in Nashville finally got the Colton Saddles with the red brick soles in… and I got to try them on last night.  I didn’t pull the trigger on them, but I’m going to soon.  After seeing them on CH’s website, I thought they would be “whiter” than what they are, but I must admit, I’m liking the off-white/almost tan color that they are much more (this picture makes them even appear a little lighter than what they are, IMO).

Those + Linen Pants = WIN.

Damn, another pair of shoes that I need to buy… my wallet hates me, but Cole Haan is probably getting to be a big fan of me.  Of course, I think these are perfect.


2 responses

  1. Do you own any Cole Haan wingtip Oxfords? I think they are called “Air Colton OXford Wingtips” on the website. I think they are really great looking shoes and am thinking about snagging a pair.

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