The Retirement of an Old Friend

After five-plus years of good service and dependability, a friend is being forced into retirement.  This friend has been through it all with me: the mud, the sweat, the blisters, and the blood (not to mention, the beer spills)… everything.  I am, of course, talking about my pair of Top-Siders.  These shoes have become a part of me over the years, a second skin to my feet.  But after dealing with the Nashville Flood, these bad boys just can’t take much more.  After trodding through what looked like the nastiest water I’ve ever seen for four days, they may just be hazardous to one’s health at this point.  To throw an Anchorman quote in, they now smell like “a diaper full of Indian food.”  I cannot, and will not, bring myself to throw these shoes away.  Maybe I can find another use for them, but everyday use is out of the question.  They will be hard to replace…

The “Foster Shot”

These are, and always will be, the perfect shoes.  I will miss you.


3 responses

  1. I think they have five more good years in them. Just figure out how to clean them so you get some fungus. Maybe get a new pair to start the break-in / transition process.

  2. jeddler– I think I may go pick out a new pair this weekend. We’ll see if I get the time in between flood clean-ups. As far as cleaning them, I’m going to try, but I don’t have high hopes. That water was nasty.

  3. Dunk them a few times in boiling water. Repeated srays with Lysol. A good week in the hot Southern sun. That should do the trick. Or totally destroy them. The M+O idea was a good one. I picked up the Bass Signature dirty bucks last week and they rule. Under $60 with the discount that was going on, which also rules.

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