In favor of: Bonobos Pants

With many people on Twitter touching on the New York Times article highlighting pricing (and subsequent mark-up) of chinos yesterday, it got me thinking of those brands that are more within reach to general public (including myself).  There are certainly many affordable options out there, including the regulars like J. Crew and The Gap.  These brands offer great fitting pants, just as the big time designers do.  But, like the NY Times article states, with more affordability usually comes a lower quality.  That is where a company like Bonobos comes in… Bonobos caught my interest because they focus on the fit of the pants.  They keyed in on a few problem areas on men’s pants that are generally the problem for poor fit: the waist, the butt, and the thighs.  While I’ve heard that the leg opening could be slimmer, that’s an easy fix that won’t change how the pants fit overall in the important areas with one visit to a tailor.  Not to mention, the price point is decent, and the quality looks to be at a good place.

I have two pairs of pants on the way, so once I receive those, I’ll definitely add my two cents.  What I also like about Bonobos, is they add some great details to the pants.  By adding fun linings, it makes regular chinos seem less boring.

This is the color of one of the pairs coming my way- Montgomery Brown.

If they work out, which I’m confident the will, I’m gonna grab the seersuckers as well.

Pants that fit are important, and there’s nothing like finding that perfect pair.  Let’s hope this is it.


3 responses

  1. I’m also ordering a few pairs after reading that article. I’ve been meaning to for ages, but I didn’t realize they had free shipping and the article gave me the impetus I needed to pull the trigger. I’ve got pretty large quads, so I’m actually kind of glad to hear the leg opening is a bit large.

  2. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the pants, I’ve been meaning to get a pair for quite awhile….

    For some reason I didn’t realize their khakis were only $88. I thought everything was in the $150+ range!

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