I drink your milkshake…

There Will Be Blood is a terrific movie, and watching it again the other night reminded me of that.  All jokes aside about the “milkshake” line and all the parodies on YouTube that followed, it’s one of my favorites over the past ten years.  But while watching the movie, I have come to the conclusion that just about any piece of the wardrobe for that movie could easily pass today.  Just look at what Billy Reid and Alexander McQueen has put out over the past three years or so (especially F/W collections).  But at the same time, I guess you can attribute movies like this to a hipster’s fascination with the mustache.  I like to watch movies over and over, so I may watch this one again soon…

Hefty Shawl Collar Cardigan, Chambray, Slim Tie… Killing it (and killing Eli Sunday, oops!).

Great sartorial cues from a great movie… Perfect.

PS Watch this movie, but read the book too.  Oil is a bit long and the story’s a bit different, but it’s still just as perfect as the movie.


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