Everyone around the style blogosphere goes nuts over McQueen… don’t get me wrong, he’s pretty bad ass.  But Paul Newman is tops in my book.  I’ve been a Paul Newman fan my whole life.  I love every movie I’ve seen him in (Top 3: Slap Shot, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, and The Verdict).  He was a very active philanthropist, an amazing actor, and killed it sartorially.  Not to mention, he was in the same fraternity as me (BOOM!!  Frat bro’d!).  Anyways, he’s the best… check it.

Cigs in the waistcoat pocket???  Check.

Paul Newman will always be the best… perfect at everything he did.


5 responses

  1. I couldn’t agree more, Paul Newman not only had great style, but was so god damn charismatic. Coolest guy ever hands down.
    Clooney’s been taking notes.

  2. Um, these pictures of Paul Newman are way better than almost any that I’ve seen of McQueen. That tuxedo picture really is pretty awesome. Plus the guy made a mean salad dressing. I haven’t tasted any McQueen salad dressing, but I doubt that it would be in the same league.

  3. Haha good call Trip! His spaghetti sauce is also pretty great! Seriously though, most pics of McQueen are either of him laying around or riding a motorcycle… pretty bad ass, but at least Paul Newman shows a wider range of awesome in his pictures.

  4. If you want to see him pull off some amazing suits as an old businessman, by all means watch the Hudsucker Proxy. It is such an off the wall movie and Newman kills in it.

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