Desert Boot Face-Off

After my post yesterday about the CRH “desert boot,” it got me thinking.  What’s better: the original or someone else’s take on that original?  I think it all comes down to a matter of personal preference.  Three of the options that I’ve had in my mind are those CRH’s, Clark’s, and J. Crew’s MacAlister Boot.  All of them have their merits.  Cole Haan’s offering is, no doubt, extremely well-made.  It’s made of vegetable tanned English reverse Kudu on upper, sock and sole.  The Clark’s Desert Boot is the original.  Suede uppers, plantation crepe sole… all-around comfort.  J. Crew’s MacAlister boot is a very good substitute (or imitation) of the Clark’s boot made with Italian suede.  All of them look great.  With Clark’s being the cheapest price point, and the CRH Jack being the most expensive, I guess it is all about personal preference.

It all comes down with what you like… but you can be sure your feet will look perfect while rocking any of these.


6 responses

  1. I have the clarks and the JCREW version is slimmed down. I like the chunk of the clarks. They have a better silhouette from far away. The JCREW boot does look better up close though. IMO

  2. kin– I do like the slimmed down look of the J. Crew boot better I think… that CRH joint has a similar silhouette, but it’s constructed so much better. But like I said, all about personal preference!

  3. The MacAlister is just plain evil. I lose lots of respect for anyone I see rocking them. I can deal with the Jack, but you are wasting your money for sure. Clark’s DB’s look the best, feel the best and will last. That right there is all you need to know. Open and shut case in my eyes.

  4. Lawrence– I can respect what you say about the MacAlister boot… I know J. Crew falls short lots of times in terms of the quality of their products. Plus, I know what you’re talking about when it comes to these things… you’re a smart dude.

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