Cole, Rood & Haan x ACL = Jack

Ok, I’m turning to the blogging world once again for advice.  A little background first… I really want some desert boots.  They are classic, and very “in” right now, but I still don’t own a pair.  I’ve considered getting Clarks (and why not because they’re they original).  But I’m thinking of going all out on that pair of CRH’s by ACL (acronym-ing to the extreme).  I guess these aren’t like normal desert boots, because they do not have a full crepe sole.  Does that take away from them?  Or add to it?  What say you?

Perfect?  Or am I going overboard with this?


8 responses

  1. They’re perfect, the fact that they have a sole that is not crepe I think is trivial. Pull the trigger, you’ll be glad.

  2. I’m really thinking I might… I guess they’ll stand apart from normal desert boots. I’ll give it a bit more time. They also have the Jake boot, same thing, just slightly darker shade of tan

  3. I’m actually not a fan of the crepe sole… just too casual. I really like these. You can get away with dressing them up, crepe… not so much. Buy.

  4. Jeddler– Chukka boot or desert boot, whichever… This style boot is what I want on my feet.

    James– I guess they could be dressed up more, but I’m not too concerned with that. Desert boots are just great shoes anytime.

    Lawrence– That’s what is holding me back on making this purchase… Clark’s did it first and did it right. I just thought these were pretty cool.

  5. Being a traditionalist is fine, liking the originals is fine but dont compromise your decision just because you feel some kind of odd pressure to buy the original, that whole thing about buying the original or nothing at all is lame, buy what you like , buy what is going to look the best on you.
    If that approach made any kind of sense we would all still be buying vinyl records as opposed to cd’s and downloads.
    And just so were clear on this point , vinyl is awesome!!!!

  6. James– Speak that truth! Seriously though, you’re right. I’d be limiting myself if the “original” was all I went after… thanks for the words of wisdom!

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