Tied up with a bow…

I need to amp up my bow tie game.  I only have three, and that’s just lame.  The Cordial Churchman based out of South Carolina can definitely help my situation.  For the uninformed, Ellie LaVeer Stager offers a great selection of handmade bow ties and the best price I’ve ever seen… $26!  You just cannot beat that.  I picked up one called The Wooly Man last fall (the last pic in the link), and I can vouch for the quality.  Looks great too.   In addition, she can also turn any regular tie into a bow tie for the same price.  So with all that said, these are the bow ties I’d eventually like to pick up this spring and summer:

Unfortunately, this Red Gingham joint is sold out, but I’m keeping my eyes peeled in case she makes more.

This Chambray bow is killing it…

I think all of these are some pretty strong options… perfect to help me with my lacking bow tie game.

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