J. Crew x Warehouse Denim

J. Crew has been huge on whole “collaborating” thing over the past two years or so… which is great!  I personally am a big fan of J. Crew jeans.  The 484 Slim-Fit fits my legs perfect; enough room in the thighs, which is great because playing hockey has given me a little muscle there.  But at the same time, the leg opening is not huge.  So when I saw on Denim Blog that J. Crew was teaming up with the Japanese company, Warehouse Denim, for another collaboration to add to their list, I was intrigued.  When I saw that the whole thing would be centered around the 484 fit, I was excited!

According to Denim Blog, Lot 484 will be made of 14 oz selvedge denim, so this stuff won’t be messing around.  They will come in a 34 inch inseam only, so I guess if you’re super tall, you’re S.O.L.  It’s not really going to bother my 5’8″ frame though, so I’m ok with it.  The price point will be around $170, so not too bad there either [update: WWD actually lists the price at $300, guess we’ll have to see what they’ll actually be… H/T to Shay for that].  I’m definitely looking forward to these.  Hopefully they’ll be sold at the J. Crew store at the Green Hills Mall here in Nashville.

Lot 484… perfect addition to all that J. Crew offers.


4 responses

  1. For $170, those do actually sound like a relatively good deal considering that it’s tough to get a regular pair of J. Crew jeans for less than $100.

  2. Good call, Trip! An extra $70 for 14 oz of selvedge denim makes it definitely worth checking out… Like I said though, I’m just excited to find them making my fit with these jeans.

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