DIY Seersucker Pocket Square

I am wanting some new pocket squares this spring… but I really think a seersucker square is a great idea.  I have silk, linen, cotton, and madras ones; but I’ve never seen a seersucker one.  I think the puckered cotton peeking out of a navy blazer breast pocket would look pretty cool.  Since I have yet to find a square of the seersucker variety, the next best option would be to make one.  I’ll have to do some investigating on how to do this, or contact a tailor… but until then, I’ve found a site where I’ll look into getting the fabric: Fashion Fabric Club.  These are the patterns I picked out:

Everyone’s gonna be jealous… perfect.


4 responses

  1. Hey Paul,

    I am really diggin your blog, I knew you were fashionable but had no idea it was all of this. By the way, I sew a bit and a pocket square would probably be fairly easy, just straight stitches. Let me know if you need some help.

  2. Brilliant move. I need to go to home depot for some plywood and there is a fabric store in the same complex.

    Thought – for that natty, no mess look, I think i’m going to use pinking sheers (sp?) that have the zig zag edge to it.

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