Old Time Hockey

Ice hockey is not the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of sports in the South.  But I grew up playing hockey, and I love it.  Nashville is fairly new to the hockey scene, growing in popularity every year with the ever expanding youth programs.  The city has the local NHL team, the Nashville Predators, to thank for that.  But the sport itself has a rich history, spanning more than 200 years.  The NHL has also been around for a long time.  For years, only six teams played (there are 30 now).  And back then, their team apparel was a hell of a lot cooler than the Reebok endorsed, overpriced crap that’s sold and worn now.

Ugly-- courtesy of shop.nhl.com

Back then, everything just looked all around sturdier… quality stuff.

Chicago Blackhawks

Ottawa Senators

Detroit Red Wings

I could get behind this team apparel; it is perfect.


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